Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Bucket List - Year 35

One of my favorite bloggers, Roni Noone, has posted a bucket list!  I thought it was a great idea and kind of in line with what I am doing.  I am sure I will add to this list for eternity, or at least my lifetime, but here are a few things that pop right to mind:

  1. Write a screenplay.
  2. Learn to play one of my favorite songs on the guitar.
  3. Live on or near a body of water (a lake is what I have in mind but it could be the beach!) for at least part of the year. (This could also be owning a boat and living on the boat :)
  4. Bicycle across one or multiple countries in Europe.  I am thinking Italy, Spain and/or France.
  5. Go whale watching.
  6. Road trip to watch the Cubs play at all the NL baseball stadiums one summer.
  7. Own a small business of some kind.
  8. Learn to whistle really loud with my fingers.
  9. Paint something I will be proud to hang on the wall.
  10. Learn and practice Tai Chi.
  11. Take lots of pictures.
  12. Write a blog.
  13. Become organized.
  14. Plan a beach vacation in a house big enough to hold my entire family.
  15. Eat pasta with friends at a winery in Italy.
  16. Drink coffee with my husband in France.
  17. Become certified as a water aerobics instructor.
  18. Be debt free.
  19. Inspire others to become normal eaters.
  20. Get a masters degree...or even a PhD!
  21. Find a lipstick color that actually looks good on me.
  22. Decorate a house that says ME all over it.
  23. Spend one Christmas in New York.
  24. Learn a foreign language
  25. Learn to sew
  26. Crochet myself a hat
It's fun to dream, isn't it?  The question is, how do we keep these lists top of mind so we actually accomplish what is on them?

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