Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Busy fun weekend

We had a very busy and fun weekend. We did our normal weekly shopping on Saturday then Sunday we went to the grocery store early, came back and cleaned up the house. Then Linda and her husband and son came over to drop off a crib, toys, clothes and bedding which was so generous. After they left we walked to Tulane for the family fun day where we ate gumbo and saw some Tulane and Newcomb friends. Nap time followed the. Some water table play and a baseball game on the radio.

We had a great dinner of buffalo meatballs and made some chili for the week.

We started our two week meal plan and are excited to see how it goes!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chillin' in the backseat

Charlie doesn't always love riding in the car but he sure gets comfy back there...

Showing Dada gentle touch

Charlie showing his dad some lovin'...or shushing him, we can't always tell which :)

Outside play and Dada's drinks!

Nothing more that Charlie loves than playing outside and drinking Dada's drink!  Here are a few cute pics of each...


We cut Charlie's hair over the weekend, tried to do it myself.  The results are questionable.  Should we or should we not take him to a professional? :) 

I've decided that he really has hair just like Owen Wilson...straight in the front, a little curly/wavy in the back!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Collar bones

This morning Charlie woke up and while I was holding him in his sleepy haze he started playing with my collar bones. It was so dang sweet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chairs just his size

We did a quick Walmart run and Charlie could not resist these chairs so we grabbed a couple to use this summer. We figured he could use them inside and out. His favorite is to push them all over the house. Here are a few pics of Charlie eating ice on the front porch in his new chairs.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Fun with chalk

Charlie loves to be outside. Last night after we got home from school he found a piece of chalk and we had some fun with it!

1.5 million fuel!

Terry hit 1.5 million nike fuel points today!!! Next stop is 2 million and he's giving himself 4 months to get it. Woohoo!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Helping with chores

Charlie loves helping with chores around the house. He helps us unload the dishwasher, do laundry and wipe spills.

Here are a few pics of him helping to take out the recycling:

Great weekend!

We had a fun weekend mostly hanging around the house becuase it was freezing cold, coldest weekend yet this winter and it's March! 

Friday night we had some fun at Whole Foods walking around and picking out exotic and yummy food to buy.  Charlie made friends with the guy behind the counter in the prepared food section who gave him a free sample of the cold tortellini salad.  Charlie decided this warranted turning his head away from the guy and looking up at the lights.  Once we got away from him, though, Charlie fully enjoyed his tasty snack!

Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the Lakefront Airport to check out the truck show.  We just ended up doing a drive by and then heading back to Audubon park for some fun.  Charlie pet a dog named Fonzi and enjoyed checking out the trucks working on St. Charles.

In the afternoon we did the weekly Sam's Club run and he ate yogurt bites filled with granola.  He was pooped and had a great night's sleep.

Sunday we got up and went to Bed Bath and Beyond to replace our dish rack and he had fun running around the empty mall.  Next was Target where we priced some toddler tables which I know he'd love to have.  We'll see if we can get it on sale sometime soon.

Home for lunch and nap.  The afternoon was just hanging around the house, flopping on the baby mattress, running around the house and watching Barney.  We did a lot of cooking, made a batch of chili, oatmeal, quinoa and I tried this vegan cookie dough fudge which was DELISH.

Charlie and I have started turning off his light and turning on his pillow peg doggie light when he goes to bed and I think it really calms him down.  When I put him in the crib to sleep he rolls right over on his belly and sticks his butt up in the air and goes to sleep.  So sweet.