Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Toddler Activities - Box Fort!

My toddler has so much fun at school during the day, sometimes I think he gets home and is wondering what happened to all the fun?  He needs to wind down in the evening and we have to eat dinner and all that, but we still have time for some activities and I think he does better when I have something planned and he isn't just running all over the house playing with toys. 

But I also need something REALLY easy because the last thing I have the energy for in the evening is lots of cleanup and complex games.

He loves playing with boxes but we always had boxes that were pretty small so he had to squeeze in and also he had a hard time getting in and out of them on his own.  But he loves to play with them, as I know  most kids do!

Yesterday he was out of school so I took the day to get him some new shoes (what a feat with his adorably chubby feet!) and I also stopped by the office supply store for a big box.  Unfortunately the biggest they had was 24 inches tall but I got it anyway, it would have to do.

Last night after dinner I taped the box up completely and then used a razor to cut a door and a window in the box.  We had lots of fun turning the box different ways, letting him climb in and out and open the door and close it.  I'm sure there will be many embellishments as time goes on but the simple box was good for him.  He had a blast and it entertained him and us right up until bedtime!

It's really fun to see them learn and experience new things. 

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