Friday, October 12, 2012

Motherhood - One thing I can't live without

There is one thing that, as a mother, I can't live without.  I bought it as a suggestion from a book or a friend, I can't remember now, and I've had it with me 24/7 ever since I gave birth 15 months ago.  It is...

This Timex watch!


It shows the day of the week, the date, the time (with seconds) and glows in the dark with one button push.

It has a ton of other great features and sometimes I use the timer or alarm but mostly the features I mentioned.  It's been my lifeline ever since I got it.  I used it all through night wakings and breast feeding and naptime and anyone who's had a kid knows you have to track everything! 

Not to mention it keeps you sane when you wake up in the middle of night without contacts and can't see the clock on the bookshelf.

Some people say, why have a watch when you have a phone?  But the phone is not right there every time you really need it!

The really cute thing is that my son loves it too.  He senses it there, he holds on to it, when the watch is there he knows it's my arm.  He even likes to wear it sometimes.

Anyone else have this same revelation after they had a baby?

Here's to a wonderful weekend, hopefully without the use of the watch for 2am wakings!

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