Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

Charlie had a very fun Easter egg hunt at school.  We found out lots of interesting information about him hanging out with the teachers like the fact that he doesn't talk much.  Their theory is it's his way of having some control.  Interesting!  Although that day he did tell his friend Aubrey to "go away!" when Aubrey came up to him while he was drawing.  This is most likely him repeating what Mom tells Molly sometimes :)  I guess he just didn't want to be disturbed!

They enjoyed hearing him talk, though, and he said "Mommy" several times during the afternoon which I, of course, loved.

Another of his teachers told us he is a "free spirit" which makes me happy. 

He LOVED looking for Easter eggs, drawing with chalk and just generally running around with his friends and teachers.  He also drank and drank and drank the delicious apple cider!

Then we had some fun cleaning out the car and eating greek yogurt with Dada...

Sunday Charlie found his Easter basket on the back steps and had some fun with chalk and bubbles followed by a picnic in Audubon with friends and yummy strawberries!

Overall the weekend was a total blast.  The weather was beautiful and we were all beat by the end, especially mama. 

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